Kits Containing Supplies and Components
Kits for the projects in Make: Electronics Second Edition are currently available from two independent suppliers: Chaney Electronics and ProTechTrader.

Kits from Radio Shack are now obsolete and cannot be used in conjunction with Make: Electronics Second Edition.

Please note that I have no financial interest in any kits offered for use with my book, and I have no control over the contents of the kits, although I have inspected samples from Chaney and ProTechTrader in an effort to make sure that the contents are correct. It's up to you to shop around and decide how you want to buy the components for the projects in my book.

Try this link for Chaney Electronics.

For ProTechTrader you can go to their web site, here.

Or you can also find them on Amazon, here.


Chaney sells three kits:

CM1001: Entry Level kit for experiments 1 through 11
CM1002: Soldering kit for experiments 12 through 14
CM1003: Supplemental Kit for experiments 15 through 24

The soldering kit is sold separately, in case you don't want to learn this skill or you want to leave it till later. You must buy CM1001 before you buy CM1002 or CM1003, because you will reuse some of the parts from CM1001. You do not have to own CM1002 when you buy CM1003, because soldering is not necessary for the projects covered by CM1003.

ProTechTrader has organized their kits differently:

Pack 1: For experiments 1 through 11
Pack 2: For experiments 12 through 24
Pack 3: For experiments 25 through 34

You must buy Pack 1 before you buy Pack 2 or Pack 3, because you will reuse some of the parts from Pack 1.

ProTechTrader offers "Deluxe" versions of each pack. The deluxe version of Pack 1 has an additional multimeter, plus 9V and AA batteries. The deluxe version of Pack 2 has an additional soldering iron, solder, and an AC-DC adapter with 9VDC output. (Note that the regular version of Pack 2 does not contain a soldering iron). The deluxe version of Pack 3 contains an additional, larger magnet and additional magnet wire compared with the regular version.

Regular or deluxe versions of Pack 1 and Pack 2 are each sold in a useful parts box divided into compartments. Pack 3 is sold in a box that will do dual duty as a small loudspeaker enclosure.

Can You Mix and Match Between Suppliers?

Yes and no! Please read these instructions carefully!

If you buy CM1001 from Chaney, you should also buy CM1002 and CM1003 from Chaney, because the exact contents are not the same as the kits from ProTechTrader.

Likewise, if you buy Pack 1 from ProTechTrader, you should also buy Pack 2 from ProTechTrader.

However, Pack 3 from ProTechTrader will work even if you bought previous kits from Chaney.

Note that at this time, Pack 3 from ProTechTrader is the only source if you want a component pack for experiments 25 through 34 (Chapter 5 of the book).

Confused? Please visit the kit suppliers' web sites and read the detailed specifications.

Thanks for your interest in my book!

— Charles Platt

“Make: Electronics” Second Edition